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We received many requests to present our "Mediation in 90 minutes" for many who are unable to attend the seminars on 17 August 2023 (Hong Kong time). We see no reason why we cannot present a recording of one of the seminars for those interested on another date. For those who are unable to attend on 17 August and can attend one of the 3 recorded sessions for 21 August.

Due to many demands from friends, I have decided to organize a FREE seminar on ZOOM in English: "Mediation in 90 minutes" explaining what mediation is all about and why it is so successful. There will be 3 slots to cater for Asian, African, European and American friends all to be held on 17 August 2023 Hong Kong time. There should be at least 2 convenient time slots suitable for every Time-Zone for most countries. Each seminar will be 90 minutes (with adequate time for questions) and should equip you with an excellent understanding of the procedures of mediation, why it works and why anyone or corporation with a legal dispute should attempt mediation first before even contemplating Litigation or Arbitration.

Who am I?

I am a lawyer qualified in Ontario Canada, England and Wales and Hong Kong for more than four decades. I practise international Law in Hong Kong and organise all my ADR activities under ADR International Limited which I founded more than 20 years ago. I have been practicing as a mediator since the last Century (1999) and I am recognized by Who's Who Legal as one of only 36 "Global Elite Thought Leaders in Commercial Mediation 2023" and annually since 2017 when this list was first compiled with only 16 on the list. (https://whoswholegal.com/norris-yang).

My mission is to promote mediation as the first "go-to dispute resolution strategy" as Mediation is the most efficient and cost-effective method for resolving most legal disputes and to avoid Litigation or Arbitration if at all possible.

The Question is: "Why should anyone consider Litigation or Arbitration when Mediation is so effective and efficient in resolving legal disputes?"


  • Norris Yang (Executive Director of ADR International Limited)

    Norris Yang

    Executive Director of ADR International Limited

    Mr. Norris Yang is recognized by Who's Who Legal as one of only 36 Global Elite Thought Leader in Commercial Mediation. He is a prominent international Mediator and trainer in Negotiation and Mediation. He has trained hundreds of senior Civil Servants in Hong Kong, Macau and China, and hundreds more professionals in Mediation and Negotiation.

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